Wednesday, August 26, 2009

ORIO MP3 Lets You Create Musical Notes And Sing A Song !

If you are interested to create your personal music and you have no idea about that, just look at the 3-in-1-micro-mp3-player-from-kana/">ORIO. It is a new concept that is able to eliminate the necessity of musical instruments by an individual. It performs as an MP3 player with high quality, at the same time it can be changed radically as a useful gadget by bringing satisfactory output notes of musical notes or singing a song. ultra-slim-mp3-player-in-six-colors-from-imuz-mx1/">Moreover, the users of ORIO can listen to the music that plays by opening the ORIO and sing along, with the help of display in the screen.

four-direction-sliding-mp3-player-from-mpgio-lisse/">Click to know about Four Directional MP3 Player

Using this sony-releases-pocketfit-netbook-vaio-p/">device, you can record your vocal song along with the music by just pushing the record buttons. The names of the designers are Jinsun Park vgp-bms10-is-the-latest-bluetooth-mouse-from-sony/">and Seonkeun Park.

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