Wednesday, August 19, 2009

PC Remote Control Software Vectir Controls Your PC Completely !

Already we have discussed about few remote control software in our blog. Now you can have another called Vectir that is well designed software brings all therun-ssh-server-to-make-better-remote-desktop-connection/"> features you need. You can use this application to control various PC applications via Bluetooth enabled mobile phone or via an infrared remote control. Vectir can support various applications such as Winamp, iTunes, Microsoft PowerPoint, Windows Media Player etc. Moreover, you can use this software for controlling variety of system settings comprising Remote, Reboot, Shutdown, Volume etc using the wireless control as a run-ssh-server-to-make-better-remote-desktop-connection/">mouse pointer.
This software is divided into two such as Configuration Pane and Setup Pane. The first one can display commands, which have been created by user or remote control either.

skyfex-remote-assistant-control-your-lan-remotely/">Click to know about Skyfex Remote Assistant

At the remote-hard-disk-control-from-anywhere/">same time, these commands can be configured or disabled easily. Meanwhile, the setup pane can be used to create new commands that become active after creation.
In addition, Vectir features few additional options to setup mouse controls that you have in handy during presentations or keyboard macros. You can have this software as a desktop client for Windows Operating System and remote-observer-20-controls-other-system-via-internet-free-download/">mobile version for cellphones that support Java.


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