Friday, August 21, 2009

Rocking Adtec MIF-P2G Miffy MP3 Player !

MIF-P2G Miffy Figure MP3 Player is scheduled to come from Adtec September 18-carat-gold-mp3-player-a-luxurious-device-you-want/">onwards. Along with this device, you can have a 2GB internal memory with support to playback of MP3 and WMA music files. At the same time, you can find LED indicator on Miffy’s chest and control buttons on its at-pl300usb-lp-player-ready-for-fame/">back.

ultra-slim-mp3-player-in-six-colors-from-imuz-mx1/">Click to know about Ultra Slim MP3 Player in Six colors

four-direction-sliding-mp3-player-from-mpgio-lisse/">Moreover, this Miffy Player is supposed to work with USB 2.0 interface. Therefore, users can get the optional dock that is MIF-DOCK. The estimated price of the player is 5980 new-type-waterproof-digital-mp3-player/">Yen.

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