Thursday, August 13, 2009

Samsung Releases Front And Rear LCD Display Camera - ST500 And ST550 !

This is thesamsung-releases-another-eco-friendly-lcd-monitor/"> latest idea ever since that Samsung adds a front LCD in our camera for solving the self-portraits troubles. The models are Samsung ST500 that features Rear 3” Touchscreen and Samsung ST550 that features Rear 3.5” Touchscreen. At the same time, these devices offer a unique way to shoot and improve the thirst of your self-portrait photo.fujifilm-releases-cute-and-small-digital-picture-frame-dp-70hs/"> Moreover, you can have a tiny 1.5” Front LCD with the capability to place yourself exactly in front of the camera in order to shoot your beloved ones or yourself together.

fujifilm-unveils-its-long-zoom-optical-compact-camera-finepix-f70exr/">Click to know about FujuFilm Long Zoom Optical Camera

Even ultra-slim-mobile-from-nokia-e71/">more, both of the models Samsung ST500 and Samsung ST550 look similar and have the same design, a 12.2 Mpix sensor, a 4.6X optical Zoom, Haptic Feedback, 720p video recording first-micro-four-thirds-camera-panasonic-introduces/">capability and IS.

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