Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sony new S and E Series Walkman Player

Grand new walkman series player proclaimed by Sony  S and E series Mp3 players with 8Gb and 16Gb internal storage options, offering S series music players with black, red, violet and pink colors and E series with red and black colors.

As Sony branded for clear audio and pictures this new series is also incorporated with Clear Audio technology for superior sound and allow content transfer through iTunes 8.1 software. Offering both models support JPEG photo format.

Walkman S Series

Slim and compact Walkman S series players stores 42 hours music playback and 6.5 hours of video, more than that of iPod Touch, added FM radio and voice recorder. Options offered also to record programs from radio to this music player.

Consists stereo speakers
2.4 inch QVGA LCD display supporting 30 fps video playback

8 GB cost $110 and nearly 5,300 in rupees
16 GB cost $130 and nearly 6,300 in rupees

Walkman E Series

This entry level portable music player consist 2 inch display and stores 30 hours music playback and video play for 4 hours, consisting smaller battery.

8 GB cost $80 and nearly 3,400 in rupees
16 GB cost $100 and nearly 4,800 in rupees

Sony will ship next month these new series of Walkman music players in U.S.