Friday, August 7, 2009

The Egg Futuristic Kitchen Concept Foldable As A Flower !

Now it is the time for another era of the technology. The Egg is a new concept that makes you an expert chef. This can bring all the necessary stylish-healthy-safety-and-modern-chicken-yard/">functionalities to come out of your annoyance while cooking. It is a simple and clean natural shape concept that can bring both aesthetic and functional significance for futuristic house users. This gadget features three wings such as Vapor Washing Wing, Induction Wing and Preparation Wing. Vapor Washing Wing features a jet spray to give cool water whenever your hands are detected. Thekitchen-cum-garden/"> second one, Induction Wing gives low energy, no heat and high end cooking while the last one Preparation Wing acts as an interactive panel, which gives necessary information about the elements on the surface.

whirlpool-futuristic-green-kitchen-concept/">Click to know about Whirlpool Futuristic Green Kitchen Concept

In thevertigo-self-heating-container-can-heat-your-food-in-minutes/"> center of the gadget, a Holographic Projector has the information such as battery modules inside. Moreover, the Interactive Holographic Projection (IHP) that lets you watch and learn various cooking styles, find new recipes online, customize graphic outlines on the shell of coffee-maker-looks-like-ferrari-car-more-than-a-coffee-maker/">the egg.

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