Monday, August 24, 2009

Ultimate Public Toilet Concept Makes You Come Out Of A Dirty one !

If you have used a public toilet means you might have faced the trouble and guiltiness of using it. To come out of this trouble, here a new concept ultimate clean toilet has been designed especially to avoid thewhirlpool-futuristic-green-kitchen-concept/"> normal dirty. It features two new systems, one is urinal part and other is toilet part. Therefore, it is easy for Male users to use the urinal part and if they want to use the toilet part, there will be a button at the top of it that lets the users to kitchen-scale-measures-grams-and-calories-maximum-from-minimum/">turn it around.

the-egg-futuristic-kitchen-concept-foldable-as-a-flower/">Click to know about The Egg Futuristic Kitchen Concept

At the kitchen-cum-garden/">same time, the toilet features Ultra Violet system and hot system for comprehensive sterilization. One thing is sure that the functional shape of this toilet can enhance the stylishness of dirty public toilet.