Saturday, August 8, 2009

Universal Phone For Blind People !

Already we have discussed in our blog about few gadgets for blind people. In metamophing-computer-interfaces-for-visually-challenged/">such a way this is another one comes for joining the gadgets. Normally, other mobiles contain a small dot on the five key that lets you press the other keys even without looking on the keypad. Now it has become creditdebit-cards-with-braille-impression-blinds-can-use/">possible for Blind People, with this blind people can write text messages with conventional mobile phones. This universal phone especially has been designed for blind people and sighted people can use this phone efficiently.

stick-for-the-blind-with-sensor/">Click to know about Stick For Blind People

The keypad of the mobile contains thousands of micro pins that are lowered and raised according to different elecom-xcalgo-headphones-easy-to-use-and-easier-to-fold/">modes. Main reason for the pins is transforming in a Braille Platform to facilitate blind people to read and write text messages. The name of the designer of the audio-technicas-ath-ep700-headset-is-available-nationwide/">phone is Seunghan Song.

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