Sunday, August 30, 2009

Xylophone Pitcher For Blinds !

A designer called haptic-reader-lets-blind-read-books/">Mac Funamizu has designed a new concept called Xylophone Pitcher. It is a new concept that features a pitcher with the ability to produce particular pitch of sound when it is being hit. Therefore, that enables the users to determine if the pot is empty or not without any need of opening the lid. The handle of the container is made up of a metal that can work as a tuning universal-phone-for-blind-people/">bar.

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If there is no water in the new-model-hdd-and-dvd-recorders-come-from-toshiba/">pitcher that can produce the same tone of the tuning bar when the ball hits on both body and the handle of the pitcher. Besides, if the water is fully filled in the pitcher can generate a higher tone than the handle. Thiswireless-mobile-chargers-multi-user-technology/"> product will be the handy as well as very helpful for those who are not able to see.

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