Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Adesso 19 keys USB Numeric Keypad dual functioanal numeric keypad andoptical mouse

Especially for the users who moves from desktop to laptop feel inconvenience operating it as lack of numeric keypad or numpad on the Key board, many users who does accounting and numeric oriented programs need to do operate with long sequence numbers mostly lags at their work due to unsupportive hardware settings.

Also the computer gamers feel uneasy in operating this kind and space consuming problem occurs if alternate step is taken, but Adesso alternates it apt in comforting the users in this problem with dual functional 19 Key USB Numeric Keypad.

19 Key USB Numeric Keypad offered by Adesso, combination of a numeric keypad and an optical mouse of 4.752? x 2.25? x 1.5? in dimensional optical mouse, 1000 dpi resolution, the user can use it for mouse function when needed and also keypad when the needed to enter quick numbering data’s by just flipping up the transparent cover outer and operate with numeric keypad for instant work which automatically increase the productivity and again when keypad is not needed flip down the cover to avoid touching the numeric keys unknowingly or what else while using mouse functions.

•    Increase productivity in business applications
•    Great for Laptop users, by combining numeric keypad and mouse
•    The 19-key layout provides efficient and convenient access to your numeric keys
•    The non-synchronization keys allow you to use the keypad and your keyboard as separate units
•    The 1000 dpi resolution optical mouse provides smoothness and accuracy
•    The transparent cover avoids touching numeric keys while using mouse function
•    Big scrolling wheel for convenient surfing the Internet
•    Very similar to the soft touch feeling of notebook keys
•    Driver-Free

•    OS Compatibility: Windows Vista/XP/2000/ME/98
•    USB Cable Length: 60"
•    Unit Dimensions: 4.752” x 2.25” x 1.5”
•    Package Weight: 0.5 lb
•    Keycap Color: Black
•    Case color: Transparent / Black
•    Key Layout: 19 keys

Adesso 19 keys USB Numeric Keypad costs $27.99.