Friday, September 11, 2009

Application error fixing (Dr.Watson Registry) Troubleshooting

Some tricks and tips are not at all old or doesn’t expires, they help us lot at times but we may forget it on the way to our routine life, as it so this tip or trick may one among them which we not forget but postponed to do that later and finally forget to apply after our work.

When we are busy working with our computer the subject or content or what ever it is, whatever we prepared well goes all way hell at times, the system hangs often and corner’s us to annoyance, letting not only the particular work lags but also the next that comes.

It is known and experienced by every one often the annoyance of doc that detects and diagnoses application errors and stores them in files User.dmp and DrWtsn32.log, this particular file is added when the application error occurs each time the User.dmp file is overwritten proportionately, leading to tweaks several GBs losses and results low disk space.
Please don’t go away without rectifying this defects, you might be very busy in your work schedule but instead often interrupted by this problem while working it totally delays your work and due to the irritation you may not attain the target what you expected, so better spend few minutes to troubleshoot this problem permanently instead jumping over by restarting the system and again continuing your routine work. The troubleshooting for this error is know to every one and before three weeks I had this problem while working busy with an important subject all went upset, before that many users and viewers also requested  tell the tips about this errors..,

Troubleshooting: 1.    By following few prominent moves you can prevent Dr. Watson through registry hack:

a)    Open registry editor – Start – Run – Regedit then enter ok

b)    Opens Registry editor which is similar to Windows explorer

c)    You will find list of paths in tree format folders one below one, in that click HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE – SOFTWARE – Microsoft - Windows NT – CurrentVersion - AeDebug

follow this path and finally you  will find a Debugger,  its type and data in tabular column at right.

d)    On double clicking Debugger you will find edit string showing value name – Debugger (default) and  value data – few letters with symbol characters which is editable select it delete.

Remove all temp files, empty recycle bin then restart your computer, now start working with out any interruption further.

If you find any difficulties in following the above steps try one more trick to prevent it

2.    Start – Run - Start – Drwtsn32.exe and enter ok shows you Dr. Watson for Windows opens in that select the paths below the

applications errors then click clear then remove all the ticks options above then enter ok.

Restart your computer and experience the difference and comfort working now.