Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cool-er ebook reader designed to make you reading easy and cool

Cool-er ebook reader is a light samll and elegant electronic book reader, designed to be the iPod of eBook readers advantageous resembling an iPod and being available in various colors and it works as an eBook reader if it is the most important part of the package many people who read.

It is handy and lighter that you can hook it where ever you go without the assumption you carrying something with you.

You don’t have to worry about to clean your book shelves or more space occupied by storage of various books over it here after, by COOL-ER eBook reader you need no worry about all those things as you are reading from the screen right now. For it has capacity of 1 GB COOL-ER capable of storing between 500-800 novels, and expandable via SD as well

You feel reading book with this which uses E-technology, the glare – free 6 display looks just like paper unaffected by direct sunlight, from enormous online sources floating around in cyberspace you can simply download your favorite article or books.

The intenal battery lasts for 8000 page turns charges in around three hours and you can alarm to automatically switch off after 15 minutes. The COOL-ER’s iPod-style scroll wheel acts as a menu selector and page turner, it also lets you select from six font sizes and toggle between landscape and portrait viewing.