Monday, September 28, 2009

Download Google offline Maps

One of the Google best services is Google Maps and many make use of it in locating their respective area on the planet, no guidens is needed from anyone for one to locate their area , as Google is very helpful in directing them with specific locations.

But it is possible only when they are get connected to Internet, and when we in travel and needed guldens, while moving it is problematic get connected to net, in that case again Google helps them through Google offline Maps

Offline Maps is a software program for Microsoft Windows that offers the following functionality to users and developers:

Application functionality to Users:
Where you can download tiles to a folder on your computer of a given zoom factor along a path and view the downloaded tiles in the application.
You can save a draw path on the map to a file and can receive data from a GPS device and position the map at the points received from the device.

Application functionality to Developers:
New layers can be developed with specific functionality
By using longitude and latitude coordinates and using regular coordinates you can draw on the map.

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