Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Free editing video software with Flip and Rotate options

Whatever you think or expect is possible, nothing is impossible. “It will be better if this particular option is obtained” definitely you might have felt it many times for respective options.

And such a kind of valued option is made possible by video editing application tool that supports you to flip and rotate, just in one single click it is possible to rotate or flip the video according to your requirements.

Flip / rotate video presets
1. Rotate video 90 CW
2. Rotate video 180
3. Rotate video 90 CCW
4. Flip video horizontal
5. Flip video vertical
6. Flip video vertical and rotate 90 CW
7. Flip video vertical and rotate 90 CCW

After just clicking the flip or rotate button then click convert button which will save the options you finally applied on your computer. It’s really a simplified application.