Monday, September 28, 2009

How to convert Text to speech? Read2Me Read for you

Already we come over text to speech application, heard the voice what we typed in it or selected text from any sites, Read2Me is one more free utility which adds to read out the text given in.

Read2Me is an open-source text-to-speech software, with which a computer can read text aloud. The tool has a text-to-speech interface, including a stand alone interface and a converter to save the speech to an MP3. In case you want to save the speech, then you can convert it to MP3 format.

You need to select text from any application, be it browsers or documents and then paste it in the application windows. You can start the speech by clicking the play button. Once the speech is started, you cannot edit the text.

The setting can be changed including background color, font and also voice to speak. There are 3 in build Windows voices and additional voices are available for download. The in build MP3 converter will help you to save the speech to your desktop.

Useful to everyone, especially for students with Learning Disabilities, it is an ultimate tool in helping the students with reading weaknesses.  Read2me