Wednesday, September 16, 2009

How to install multiple versions of Internet Explorer and usesimultaneously

There is no possibilities that every one of them sustain with the latest version, it depends upon the users what ever the utility or software is, but for some people they require to check or test with different versions of internet explorer for the feed back or result of their respective product, especially the designers of web, software engineers and some times even the normal men need it.

Here is how you can run different version of IE by installing Internet Explorer Collection which is a web browser based on the Trident render engine, which does not follow the W3C Web Standards. It contains multiple standalone versions of IE, which can be used at the same time.

Internet Explorer Collection is a simple utility which solves this problem by providing all the standalone versions of Internet Explorer released till date, you can choose to install which versions of internet explorer to install as per your requirement

Conditional Comments work exactly the same as in the native versions. The original version number is shown correcty in the User Agent string. The version number can be found in the window title too.

Internet Explorer Collection also includes the Internet Explorer Developer
Toolbar 1.00.2188.0. This Explorer Bar provides a variety of tools which make troubleshooting websites easier. The Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar is compatible with Internet Explorer 5.0 and higher when using Windows 2000 or higher.

Select the components you want to install and clear the components do not want to install and click next..,

Internet Explorer Collection
Added Internet Explorer 3.01 (3.01.2723)
Added an option to create a shortcut to the native version of Internet Explorer
Improved compatibility with Windows 7
Improved the installer of Internet Explorer Collection
Improved default settings
Minor improvements
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