Monday, September 14, 2009

How to make a quick Disk clean up, if it is slow?

You would have set into stress at times while cleaning up your disk, Disk clean up running for long time in comprising the old files.

If you want to do something however to make the disk clean up fast just follow some easy steps:

Open registry editor – Start – Run – regedit.exe

Follow the path tree:  KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE –SOFTWARE –Microsoft –Windows –CurrentVersion – Explorer - Volume Caches - Compress Old Files

  • Over Compress Old Files right click and choose Export

  • Save the registry file let save in My Documents to restore it if wanted later.

  • Now over the right of the window explorer delete the values respectively (name type and data)

  • Finally close the registry editor then run disk clean up for the the drive which you want to clean to compress drive to save disk space.

Now you can see the difference, the disk clean up runs fast.