Monday, September 14, 2009

How to short out the Google search results to the past minutes andseconds for hot or real time results

Google have introduced its second Searchology event to update with new features in May, and one among it is to limit the search results by time frame. However it took months after hosting of new features, but let us recall or make know those who don’t come across it.

As most of our viewers and users comments doubt about it, we are coming again with the idea about shortening the search results to last minute and last second of your search.

Whenever you search anything the results will be framed respectively according the time frame, its default time frames are:

Any time,
Past year,
Past week,
Recent results
Past 24 hours etc..,

But you can also get the results of past minute and past second real time search results
Is very simple,

For example your are searching, say Barack Obama, categorize to Past 24 hours - URL -

Now short out to last or past minute by replacing qdr:d with qdr:n in the URL the result will be;

Now short out to past second by replacing qdr:n with qdr:s the result will be;

where you will get the results short out to past seconds.
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