Saturday, September 19, 2009

How to use shortcuts of often used folders and applications

While we are working on our goal, we need to navigate to the folders and applications for the required data’s going through the path here and there and doing so, all on the go we collapse in searching the correct path were your respective folder is placed, you might have think or expect some functions or application which shortens this process at times and MedalFolders does it for you here, which makes your work easier and saves time simultaneously.

MedalFolders is a very addictive little freeware program that acts as a "Favorites" menu for Windows. Simply click the bright red folder icon in your system tray and add shortcuts to your favorite programs and folders.

After all your installation of Medafolders freeware in your machine, you’ll find a red icon star in system tray and by clicking it menu opens to store the folders what is favorite or used often, what you want to do is just drag the required folder and drop in the menu box, and once you drag your folder into the box it will ask display name which its refer it a Media Folder Name, add it and click the add button.

Like this continue adding folders one by one to it what you like, after you had added all your items to your interface, with just an click who will get a list what you added and navigate through that just by one or two clicks.