Saturday, September 26, 2009

How to visualize crystal clear LCD display setting in XP

Are you not comfort or satisfy with the current setting which is unease to continue the work what you planned to (target), blur LCD display and unclear text visibility, you can get cure of it further by ClearTweak utility for Windows XP for better visibility.

ClearTweak allows you to change the contrast setting of the ClearType® setting for Windows XP®.

ClearType is designed to enhance LCD displays. It may appear slightly blurry on standard desktop monitors. It does not hurt to try ClearTweak™ on a CRT monitor. Even though ClearType™ is designed for LCD's, some people see an improvement on CRT's.

Though this utility is specially suitable and supportive for LCD display text, can be also tried on CRT monitors. Video adapter and monitor should support minimum of 256 color setting to use this and best results are achieved with High color (24-bit) or Highest color (32-bit) support as well. ,