Wednesday, September 9, 2009

HTC announced new Android phone, the HTC Tattoo

HTC Corporation announced HTC Tattoo™, an Android-based phone, HTC Tattoo will be the second HTC Android to use the HTC Sense UI and according to HTC will bring "broad personalisation to the masses".designed what people expect how their mobile should be to feel it is specially made for them.

Designed by listening and observing how people live and communicate, HTC Sense revolves around three fundamental principles Make it Mine, Stay Close and Discover the Unexpected.

With HTC Tattoo, you stay close to the important people in your life by integrating your communications and applications including voice calls, emails, texts, photos and status updates into one consolidated view, providing innovative and fun phone experiences.

Details of the HTC Tattoo surfaced back in July when images of a new handset (then known as the HTC Click), began surfacing online, with a video of the HTC Click appearing online last month.

According to the press release, the HTC Tattoo will be available in Europe from the beginning of October, and will be launched across other markets in the months following.