Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Login with multiple ID in Yahoo messenger simultaneously and instantly

At times you need yourself to use more than one ID at same time through Yahoo messenger communicating different subjects to different persons respectively..,

1.    Is there any option? if so please make us study through your post
2.    How to login with 2 yahoo messenger account at the same time?
3.    How to use multiple ID‘s simultaneously in yahoo messenger?

This are all the questions frequently asked by our user and viewers, and we had already send the ideas, tips, tutorial and answers to them personally to their mail ID’s relating this question but as still many other new users continuing with the same questions further, so here we are submitting the answer or idea or tips or tutorial through this post on a whole.

We applied this functionality mostly in Windows XP, Windows Vista

Here it is: firstly enter Start Program -  Run - type Regedit and then Enter to open the Register Edit
Then you will find Register windows folder in that go into Hkey – Software – Yahoo – Pager – Test

Finally over the right, click on the windows registry editor than chose New  -- on clicking Dword value type Plural as name then double click over it ( Plural)  on that edit Dword Value select hexadecimal  Value name plural sets already, Value data instead zero type 1

Enter ok button – restart the computer = now you can open as many as you opt with multi ID Windows users.
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