Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Nokia intoduced new mobile last week: Nokia N900 Maemo tablet phone

Human life is very fast with new technology. Every one has mobile phones today. Who one without mobile his/her life is very slower compare to others. Mobile technology is daily updating the new technologies. Nokia introduced new N900 Maemo phone last week. Its easy user interface works. The Maemo is very internet centered, in fact, behind the Maemo internet browser is a very familiar fast Mozilla’s engine. It has been a huge influx of different images, photos and hands on videos onto the internet .

This new N900 internet tablet phone comes with 32GB of internal memory, which can be boast by up to 16GB of external SD card memory.
Support for 10.2Mbps HSDPA and Wi–Fi
Adobe Flash support
5 megapixel camera.
Other features of the Maemo includes multitasking, desktop personalisation, and a range of apps

This N900 Maemo phone is available from October for a reasonable €500 (Not confirmed)