Friday, September 11, 2009

One more astonishing source for Solar Energy

Almost all the nations trying to increase efficiency from traditional solar panels made from silicon, but a young lad Milan Karki from Nepal worked out using human hair to get 9V electricity from the sun instead silicon.

Milan Karki who was in search of reliable, renewable energy particularly for his village realized on his way of hunt that Melanin the pigment that produces the color to hair is a conductor of electricity.

The Lightening up Milan Karki who attends school in Kathmandu, capital initially wanted to provide electricity for his house then his village and now hoping to Lighten up the whole world tending to lift the resource required.

Solar energy from human hair is not only remarkably cheap but also it can be serviced by anyone, thought the efficiency of this result may be little 9V now but Milan who had initiated this service will lay a platform for further development in increasing the efficiency all on whole lightening the world.

Cost effective: The solar-hair panel is estimated to be four times cheaper than an industrial made solar panel of comparable capacity.