Tuesday, September 15, 2009

One more microblogging service Meme from Yahoo, dig up invitation

Meme Yahoo is similar like Twitter and Tumbler with the fundamental concept and features respectively, draws the exception to be a advanced and better design, user-interface and posting features.

But not to add much about it for it is eleven after ten of its service, accommodating like that of Twitter and Tumblr. Constructed like that of Twitter concerned the profile where they post their story, you receive the updates from the whom you follow in dashboard and had to select the category initially whether it is text, photo, video, or music and also users profile they can select their design.

‘Retweet’ is ‘Repost’ here and with no search feature doesn’t make to stand towards bold for Yahoo had fluttered some services earlier which let us with a doubt for how long we could use this service.

We will send you an invite to this service, send your email we have some invites.