Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sony Ericsson introduces MH907 with sensible automated SenseMe controltechnology

Sony Ericsson has introduced new sensible automated Sony Ericsson MH907 with SenseMe Technology. The first motion activated headphones that sense the user’s body contact - claims the company.

SenseMe Technology

When users plug in the earphone’s both ear piece into ears they can start enjoying the music (music starts playing) and when they unplug one ear bud from the ear the music pauses and again if they fix it into the ear they can continue enjoying the music so the process is designed totally with this control and same is applicable for answering the call and ending it. Users can be comfort operating the basic options of the phone without pressing down the buttons in the handset for their communication and music system.

Added with Clear Audio experience, this 164cm long dimensional and 25.32g weighable phone with superior stereo sound, expected to be available soon, Motion Activated Headphones offered in yellow or white and titan chrome colors.