Saturday, September 26, 2009

StressWatch indicator that responds to relax

It is sure that everyone in the contemporary days is under stress, though we have many instruments to measure, like blood pressure or others but not have instrument that can lively show the measures which will be helpful to indicate our present condition all the time.

It indicates to display your stress levels, probably by reading your pulse, body heat or whatever else gives away your stress levels, there is a black bar graph to show your stress levels. The blues and greens that you see there means that you are mellow, but pink, red or orange means you’re one stressed out. Added to it, also shows the time.

Perhaps it could help us when we are in stress, response to relax at least just by seeing the graphs.

It makes to think that, can we succeed or continue our routine life good (normal) when we are in stress? So just stay cool.