Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sun will rise continuously for 36 hours starting 17 October

Will any natural science miracle happens on 17 October?

Right from the beginning of the day the questions and confirmation about this, whether it is true or not? With this question the comments and doubts from our viewers and users are piercing frequently..,

There is no scientific report confirmation over this, but it is the matter revolving around not only through net but also via mobiles and also through mouths.

The rumor is that, the SUN will rise continuously for 36 hrs that counts 1 and half day while which US countries will covered by darkness for one and half days.

And by this process normal 3 days will be converted into 2 big prolonged days that extends the day count ever before, notifying once in 2400 years and we are lucky to see this.

Sorry, we didn’t understand it - How does the sun divert or change from its routine path, all on a sudden?

Here is again a question from us to those questioned about this..,