Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tactility mobile phone specially for visually impaired

Mobile phone is inevitable these days to communicate then and there to any one from any where that emerged to be part always being with us, and among the rapid growth of mobile technology frequently tuning further day by day according the wants and needs of users and consumers to satisfy their expectations.

As it so, few detached from this technology especially physically retarded that to visually impaired they feel risk in operating it, in order to attach them with modern technology consumption Siwei Liu designed Tactility an innovative phone specially designed users  friendly for blind to join normal users enjoying the modern technology.

As the key boards of the Tactility is based on Braille visually impaired users could make or receive a call on their own, commonly used to make or receive the call. This phone is attached to circular ring at bottom so that users can hang the phone around their neck for accessibility.