Thursday, September 10, 2009

Timed fader fades music volume while you work or sleep

Listening music before sleeping or sleeping listening music many are craze over it we may tend to down the volume or switch of the music to continuing the sleep but after most of them doesn’t sleep then goes and switch on the music till the feel sleepy.

Don’t worry for here is an software for you to do your work here after by reducing the volume gradually, Timed Fader is a window application that reduces the volume by certain percentage in a given duration of time (drop volume by 1% in two hours)

Through the presets you can set suitable different environments whether it is office or home accordingly,
It also added with alarm clock,

This tool will be very useful for those who love listen music before sleep as well as hope to shut down the music after sometime.

Software Description:
TimedFader - Sleep Timer for listening to PC music, Itunes, winAmp etch wake and sleep timers

Preset your wake and sleep times. Timer will fade in/out music as you wish. Starts iTuines and plays any play list you have preset. Wake to one play list and sleep to another. Auto updates and support free.