Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Trace back favorite iPhone iPod Camera and USB drives you lost, get itback

Generally it is not a great thing getting our favorite devices such as iPhone, iPod, Camera and USB drives and storing it in our pockets but it is hard for every one to  safeguard it every time and every where, you may heard lot of such devices have been lost by your friends and  relatives.

And if it happens unfortunately, iHound will protect you.

What is iHound™ Software and how does it protect my devices?

iHound™ is revolutionary software that helps protect your devices by alerting you when your USB digital device is connected to another individual's computer.

Your Device Is Located
You will know where your device is at all times via iHound™ Software's "Device Tracker". See your device's location on a map and "Get your digital life back".

You're Alerted Instantly
iHound™ Software will alert you via email as soon as someone else tries to connect your device to a computer.

You Can Print a Report
Once your device has been located, you can print a report for the authorities that contains your device's information as well as the location where your device has been tracked.

Try iHound™ Now. For Free.
Sign up for an iHound™ account to begin protecting your devices. Track up to 3 devices for free.
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