Monday, September 14, 2009

Utility to Compress HTML, Javascript and CSS code with Digua for fastwebsite

Patu Digua, or shortly Digua, is a web (HTML, JavaScript and CSS) obfuscator and compressor. It will reduce the size of your website, boosting performance this way, and it will make your JavaScript source code harder to be copied.


  • obfuscation and compression of HTML, CSS and JavaScript files

  • automatic processing of entire directories

  • removal of unsignificant whitespace and newline characters

  • removal of comments

  • renaming of HTML IDs, CSS classes and JavaScript variables, labels, functions

  • possibility of exclusion of different names from the renaming process

  • saving translations for future use

  • fully configurable through property files


Patu Digua can be used

  • from the command line interface

  • in your Java program

  • from the graphical interface