Thursday, September 24, 2009

WebcamMax helps to do all functions through Webcam what youlooked for

You might be waiting or looking for more functionality all on one package that helps you to add videos, picture, and effects to Webcam and many more that adds entertainment value, what you been expecting to do all in one package.

Key Features:
•    Work for all webcam programs
•    Add a variety of effects over webcam
•    Download thousands of online effects
•    Record video with effects and broadcast on YouTube or your Blog
•    Share your screen with friends
•    Play movie for friends or trick them with a fake video
•    Select Webcam, Screen, Movie or Picture as PinP Source
•    Paint on the video box directly


Editing and adding Effects
Add through your webcam more and more effects of types: Transform: apply Distorting Mirror, Fire, Mosaic, Line, Color, Snow or Water to your video show
Mask: wear all kinds of glasses and hats, or change your hair style, or even pretend to be a famous people
Background: Change your background to the place you like

Frame: add some Frame to make your video cooler
Emotion: use smileys you like to express your feeling better
Text: type what you want to say on the video box directly
Customize effects properties: change the effect's color, position, size, speed and etc.

Record Video
Attract the people by broadcasting with added effects and your unique video on blog or YouTube. Snap your webcam, a movie or your screen to make fantastic photos and post on your Blog.

Save pictures in JPG, BMP, GIF or PNG format according to your requirement.

Virtual Webcam

Even without a real webcam, play variety of videos and share your screen and pictures with friends, Play photo slides for your friends and fast switch between virtual and real webcam

Enable PinP
Select Webcam, Screen, Movie, Picture or Color to be the PinP Source.
Using the fantastic Picture in Picture feature you can broadcast different sources at the same time.

Customize your PinP: you can adjust the size and position of the PinP as you want and set the PinP quantity according to your requirement.

Enable Doodling
Paint on the video box freely and directly.
By creating designs directly on your video, you can make your video chat funnier and cooler.

Create and edit drawings with pencil, eraser and colors by painting tools. download webcammax