Friday, September 18, 2009

You can sense touching 3D image crafted by Japanese Scientist

Almost all the time Japan technology steps forward in all the aspects, results and this time Japanese scientist moving closer towards making the stuff of sci-fi films into reality after creating a hologram that which can also be felt.

Holograms the 3-Dimensional was been seen only through our eyes all these days but now we have a technology through which we can also feel the sensation by touching it and your hands would go right through it.

Holograms 3 dimensional images which is especially found in credit cards, CDs and DVD’s for the copyright purpose to prevent duplication and larger scae holograms have been used in entertainment.

In order to track a user's hand, the researchers use control sticks from Nintendo's popular Wii gaming system that are mounted above the hologram display area. By using ultrasonic waves, the scientists have developed software that creates pressure when a user's hand "touches" a hologram that is projected. ,