Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Zune HD and Apple new iPod touch 3G contest in market grows theexpectation

Microsoft Zune HD and its partners opened the sale of Zune HD in U.S, 32GB Zune HD sells for $2789.97 Microsoft focus on Zune HD discontinuing the earlier models of Zune building an ecosystem of software and accessories around Zune HD about with slim design to its unique music discovery features.

With the Zune HD, Microsoft is including a built-in Web browser as part of the device’s Windows CE-based operating system, Zune HD is actually a nice portable media player sporting an OLED touchscreen, cool UI and the NVIDIA Tegra CPU.

Apple has unveiled a new generation of iPod touch players last week. The new iPod touch players have a faster processor (iPhone 3GS CPU) and there is now a 64GB version. new Apple iPod touch is though selling for less money, the iPod touch 32GB 3rd Generation sells for only $279.99 on Amazon.com.

Price wars, between these two devices are expected at the holiday shopping season in markets.