Thursday, October 1, 2009

Apple moving its next lay Map Service competing Google

It’s well known, the map service by Google much useful almost, and now it looks Apple is also entering in providing map service as Google and other services.

Nearly three months before founder of Fred Lalonde detailed about the Maps API in a tweet that Apple had bought the company that produced it.

Openplaces uses software API called Pushpin made by the company Placebase (similar to Google Maps) and among no response from the company regarding this, makes clear, only this company what Apple bought?

It was featured on GigaOM last year, it is a mapping service and has the world mapped out.  You can zoom in and out and it has different layers you can superimpose over your mapping data.  Added with things better than the existing one called PushPin

•    offering customizations and tons of features that integrated private and public data sets in many diverse ways
•    offer a way to layer commercial and other data sets (such as demographics and crime data) onto the maps using an easy-to-use application programming interface (API).

It all makes anxious, What Apple is to proceed with it?