Monday, October 5, 2009

Automatic Odor Remediator Stay cool and fresh

Though we have the odor-eliminating technology used only in casinos and star hotels the process which eliminates the odor constantly but now home odor-eliminating device is also available which eliminates the odor on a regular basis, most effective home odor-eliminating device.

[caption id="attachment_13113" align="alignnone" width="350" caption="Automatic Odor Remediator"][/caption]

Don’t worry about the space to place it for this box occupies less space, device sets up unobtrusively on a table. Plug into an outlet to keep it powered then the device automatically releases an invisible dry mist of odor-eliminating microdroplets that are 100 times smaller and 1,000,000 times lighter than aerosol mist droplets

Unlike aerosol or plug-in sprays that quickly fall to the floor, the lightweight microdroplets remain airborne for up to 14 hours and drift to all corners of a room, eliminating unpleasant odors produced by tobacco smoke, cooked food or any foul smell, replacing it with a pleasant, subtle scent.

The device covers up to 10,000 cubic feet (the equivalent of a 35' x 35' space with 8' ceilings), neutralizing bad smells in two or three adjacent rooms.