Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Block certain Websites avoid accessing it by you and others in a simple way

There are few sites which we don’t want to access due the reason: viruses or porn related content and in same case the system slows down when entering specific sites, and necessary to keep away the kids who are always before the systems from the unwanted sites. Obviously there are many installation which helps us to secured from this sites and monitors the list of sites which have been visited as well.

You get certain websites blocked by just following few steps which doesn’t need any installation program:

By clicking the arrow at right of address bar / URL bar you may find different URLS popping of sites visited / often visited sites and form the list of unwanted sites note the URLS which has to be blocked.

Browse following the path C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc
Click the file named hosts and open it with notepad, at bottom type and URL of the site you want to block for

Check it out now that it is accessible or not, following the same steps you can block the list of URls typing one by one below.

All the websites will be blocked it is effective as soon as you does this steps which will avoid from accessing certain websites by you, your kids and others.

Now you can relax not needed shouting at others that: don’t go that / these sites to each and every one who access through your own network. ,