Wednesday, October 28, 2009

DriveStation With Hardware Encryption !

Buffalo Technology has announced its new model Buffalo DriveStation “HD-CXU2 USB desktop hard drive with hardware encryption in Korean Market. With this new desktop hard drive you can have a secure external storage solution in a shock resistant chassis. The eco friendly feature of the drive allows you to securely backup and to store your digital images, music, business documents and other files that take more space in your PC’s hard drive.
You can have this drive station in two modes of encryption, Non-Encryption and Full Disk Encryption. First one allows data to be viewed by any computer connected to the drive and the second one encrypts all data as soon as it is written to the drive.

Moreover, this drive features SecureLockManagerEasy which automatically remembers passwords, the Ecomanager feature spins down the hard drive when idle and the auto-power on/off switch automatically powers down the drive when the PC is shut down.
Suggested price of the device is 129,900(KRW) for 1TB, 199,000(KRW) for 1.5TB and 349,000(KRW) for 2TB.