Friday, October 9, 2009

Dymo CardScan Mobile app for Windows Mobile 6.5 smartphones

Dymo announces new app for business users that have Windows Mobile phones with a 2MP camera inside for Windows Mobile 6.5 smartphones available on the Windows marketplace for Mobile called Dymo CardScan Mobile. That allows the user to scan a card into their contacts by simply taking a picture of it with their camera phone.

DYMO CardScan Mobile allows the user allows individuals to instantly transfer contact information from a business card to the correct fields in the contact list of a Windows smartphone after taking a photo
of the business card with the smartphone's camera without the need for a card scanner but just the phone with running Windows Mobile OS 6+ and the camera 2MP or more with autofocus is required.

The application which would be helpful to business user who collects lot of business cards is now available for $14.99.
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