Wednesday, October 7, 2009

FLO TV Personal Television compact TV handle where ever you go

When the desktop computers modified to laptops why not then table top TVs which could handled with us on the way we go out. FLO TV had made it possible with their Personal Television which can be handled with us when we go out doesn’t give any option to miss our favorite program all time.

[caption id="attachment_13198" align="alignnone" width="350" caption="FLO TV Personal Television"][/caption]

The FLO TV Personal Television is created with the single focus of delivering high-quality TV for a convenient, easy and fun television experience while on-the-go.  The device receives live and time-shifted content over the FLO TV dedicated multicast network with no buffering, downloading or waiting to view content.  With the swipe of a finger, consumers can channel surf through the FLO TV service’s extensive programming lineup.

Bill Stone, president of FLO TV said, they have offered the award-winning FLO TV service on a variety of handsets through their carrier and OEM partners, and planed to continue working with them to expand the FLO TV handset lineup and adds that, according to expectations of the customers with more choice specifically a device that is easy to share with friends and family FLO TV offers something for every kind of consumer on-the-go.

But it would have been better if the option of saving TV programs to these gadgets incorporated with it. The FLO TV Personal Television will be available for purchase this holiday season at leading retailers across the country.