Thursday, October 15, 2009

Microsoft new eXtreme Computing Group (XCG) the need to balance the heavy transformation

It is always a need for a company’s R&D to face the profound changes and implement an innovative development according to the requirement, and when it is concerned about computing, of course a hefty and dramatic changes and so enter Microsoft's new eXtreme Computing Group.

The increasing use of multicore chips and the move to huge facilities hosting data in the cloud have created an environment, in which bold new approaches are needed.

Microsoft new eXtreme Computing Group (XCG)
Which was formed in June with the goal: Develop radical new approaches to ultra-scale and high-performance computing hardware and software,

Variety of cutting-edge computing efforts:
•    security
•    cryptography
•    operating-system design
•    parallel-programming models
•    cloud software
•    data center architectures
•    specialty hardware accelerators
•    quantum computing

Corporate vice president of XCG Dan Reed says that, the group will help develop radical new approaches to building hardware and software, it's an "intentional R&D group" that sits between basic research and product development, funneling ideas from Microsoft Research into product teams across the company.

In addition to contributing code and building prototypes, Reed and his team of researchers, engineers, and developers will pursue outcome-driven research and development.  The objective is to look at strategic needs and opportunities that cut across product groups and find technology solutions to those problems added Reed.