Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Openmoko WikiReader first electronic encyclopedia device withoutInternet connection

Openmoko, open source manufacturer made it possible by bring out the physical form of encyclopedia from all its way to a small sized electronic device which is easy and simple to handle and use it respectively. While Internet is needed for one to acess the encyclopedia as it is being the one of the most interesting aspects of the Internet, WikiReader does not connect to the internet wirelessly for updates. Quarterly updates will be available for users to download on to the device, or for a $29 per year fee, the company will send updates to users on microSD cards and so people can bring it with them everywhere they go.

[caption id="attachment_13331" align="alignnone" width="246" caption="Openmoko WikiReader first electronic encyclopedia device without Internet connection"][/caption]

WikiReader which is the first pocketbook electronic device dedicated to containing all of Wikipedia’s English database, provides up to three million English language articles from Wikipedia, you can access the content anywhere without the need for an Internet connection and this unique feature makes it a cool and welcome-able gadget.

The WikiReader features a large monochrome screen with a touch interface, so you can scroll the article with a stroke of the finger and select hyperlinks with a simple tap.