Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Samsung showcasing advanced LCD display 55inch 3D Screen

Samsung showcasing advanced LCD panel that predicts to enhance 3D movie viewing experience like never before, the panel which display sizes 55-inches has 1080p resolution and a 240Hz refresh rate as compared to the usually used 120Hz for 3D content viewing.

[caption id="attachment_13351" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Samsung showcasing new LCD display 55inch 3D Screen"]samsung-showcasing-advanced-lcd-display-55inch-3d-screen/samsung-showcasing-new-lcd-display-55inch-3d-screen/" rel="attachment wp-att-13351">Samsung showcasing new LCD display 55inch 3D Screen[/caption]

The 3D screen uses  a set of “shutter” glasses, which rapidly alternate between blocking out the left and right eye.

Samsung will be exhibiting this panel at the IMID expo in South Korea, this huge 3D display 55inch LCD which is suspected expensive LCD TV, while it have not unfold the pricing and the availability at present.