Friday, October 30, 2009

Update Of iTunes 9.0.2 Breaks Palm Pre Sync Again !

Tonight, Palm Pre owners discovered that iTunes 9.0.2 once again breaks sync with iTunes. But it is not sure that what Apple did to deny a native presence and unlike with some past updates of the iTunes. Meanwhile, there are a few of hints available to alter the compatibility. Therefore, users know to use gateway apps like DoubleTwist or Missing Sync.

It is sure that Palm will take care of this trouble to restore the feature which it added back with webOS 1.2.1. It will take 40 total hours of work to restore the feature, but last time Apple took as little as 2.5 hours to fix the trouble in the original iTunes 9.
At the same time, the compatibility of Pre with iTunes is dependent on Palm’s ability to imitate an iPod’s native hardware ID.