Tuesday, October 20, 2009

USB Computer Prankster Makes Fun Of You !

If you plug this USB device in your system or someone’s, it will turn the caps lock key on and off and it cam make random mouse movements. This handy Prankster features a time delay setting in order to make your gateway safely before it starts misbehaving. This device can activate the Enter Key or close or save documents. Although this annoys you, yet there is no danger. It is expected to be available from 30th October 2009. The recommended price for this device is to £19.99 (about $32 USD).


•    Looks like a USB Flash Drive
•    Takes over victim’s computer by typing gibberish and controlling mouse.
•    Time delay
•    Item Weight (in kg): 0.022
•    Carton Weight (in kg): 9.000
•    Carton Quantity: 240
•    Carton Dimensions: 50 x 31 x 44cm
•    FOB Available: No
•    Minimum Order Quantity: 6
•    Recommended Age: 8+
•    Mains Powered: NO