Friday, November 6, 2009

Aero Fox Addon Is Back For Firefox !

If you feel the Aero Fox is good for your Firefox, you can use that again, as it has come back for Firefox 3.5. It has been redesigned based on the feedback from the users to make it better than ever. Moreover, it has come out with stylish look and is good for those who like to have the look of Windows Vista Aero theme.
It makes the inactive tabs easier to read and the active tab clearly stand out. At the same time, you can have the darker drop down menus along with skinned Options, Customize and Extension windows.

It is compatible with popular extensions like Fission, AIOS, Colorful Tabs, Feed Sidebar, Web Mail, FoxyTunes, etc. In this addon, it is possible to install Tab Mix Plus if you want to customize the font colors. This addon is compatible with Mac, Linux and Windows.