Friday, November 6, 2009

Alien Abduction Lamp Rocks In Your Bedroom !

This is a new era of the lamps, as the Alien Abduction Lamp comes in a fantastic ludicrous shape and ideas. It depicts a scene familiar to everyone who watched too many Alien movies. The cast of the lamp is made up of metal with a beautiful black pearl finish, while the flying saucer of the lamp features glowing windows complete with curious aliens.

In order to bring the realism to the saucer, the antenna serves as On/Off switch for lamp’s energy saving LEDs. At the same time, this Lamp is hypnotically cool as you can find yourself humming ‘duh, ner, ner, nuh, ner’ and sculpting mountains out of mashed potatoes.

Some Important Features of the Lamp:
•    Energy saving LEDs
•    High Quality Perspex Beam
•    Removable Bovine Abductee
•    Glowing green/yellow cockpit
•    Glow-in-the-dark aliens in cockpit
•    High quality steel body with fantastic black-pearl finish
•    3-stage UFO Control antenna, on/off and pulse
•    Ultra non-slip base featuring real fake grass