Monday, November 9, 2009

An Innovative Bathroom Concept RocStar With Three Main Components !

In order to overcome the limits of the conventional bathrooms and heighten the efficiency of the same, the new and innovative concept RocStar Bathroom has been designed. In this concept you can have three main components that have been differentiated it from others. The components are faucet, the basin and the mirror.
The faucet features five arms with different functionality, first three are to supply water, liquid soap and toothpaste, and others two act as driers. The top of the RocStar is made up of transparent plastic with lighting underneath that acts as control sensor.
The uses of the basin are to protect the users from viruses and other diseases that the users might usually infected by other basins. At the same time, you can change the color of the basin with the LED effects and you can make a program to change the color every time someone enters the bathroom.

The mirror has a digital camera that can be controlled from the RocStar through wireless system to know different previous conditions of your skin color, pimples, medicines etc. Moreover, the mirror is able to capture your photo every time you enter the bathroom for comparing them in the future.