Thursday, November 5, 2009

Awesome PicoZ Heli Mission !

PicoZ Heli Mission is truly awesome and combines the thrill of helicopter flight with the excitement of driving SWAT truck. Although it looks like a stealthy brute vehicle, yet it features a cavernous cargo bay that opens and closes as you command. It is controlled by a single transmitter with smart shoulder buttons that lets you switch seamlessly between truck and chopper. Therefore, you can drive into disaster areas and release your tri-channel whirlybird without laying a finger on vehicle.

Heli Mission Helicopter Features:
•    3 channel, super wide infrared control
•    Miniature size & light weight
•    Auto stable & precision speed
•    Tri-band technology
•    Built-in Li-Poly batteries for long flying time
•    Easy to operate & control through slow speed fly
•    Led light indicator on helicopter and transmitter

Heli Mission SWAT Truck Features:
•    Fully functional RC truck
•    Sirens and Lighting
•    Cargo hold for RC helicopter
•    Working doors and rising platform for easy take offs